Energy Management & Tracking

Our Energy Management & Tracking Site provides a public portal to our energy data for campus, along with updates and links to other energy initiatives.

The Utilities Department manages the data and works to improve the efficiency of utilities generation and distribution.  They also support other energy gathering initiatives (AASHE STARS & Carbon Footprint).

The Maintenance Department utilizes this data and works to improve the efficiency of our campus buildings through operational improvements, technology gains, and campus awareness & engagement programs such as Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN)

Both departments coordinate closely with the Office of Sustainability to help engage and inform our campus and community on our quest to become a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly campus.

Building Dashboard

Two versions of the WFU’s Building Dashboard have been installed on the campus.

The Network version is integrated with Google maps and allows building energy and water usage in real time on the web.

The Kiosk version allows the occupants of the buildings to access energy and water usage information through the monitors presently installed in our newer buildings or via websites.  The network version has website links to the kiosks.

Other Energy Resources

Use the following resources to better educate yourself about the energy that is used on campus and around our region.

  • Office of Sustainability– Sustainability Efforts across Campus and Beyond
  • AASHE STARS – The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance
  • EPA: Clean Energy – Clean Energy programs sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Clean Air / Cool Planet – Educational resources on the quality of our air
  • – Find energy information about your local environment