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Information for Guests



Weekends (Friday and Saturday nights): $99.00 per night

Weekdays (Sunday through Thursday nights): $79.00 per night


Weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) $59.00 per night

Weekdays (Sunday through Thursday nights): $39.00 per night

Special Weekly Rate

Lodge: $500.00 (seven continuous nights)

Cottage: $275.00 (seven continuous nights)

Check-in: 11:00 a.m.

Check-out: 2:00 p.m.


Lodge including Bunk House

Main House

Upstairs bedroom: two (2) double beds, plus a sitting room area

Downstairs bedroom: two (2) double beds

Back bedroom (behind kitchen): two (2) single beds

Bunk House

West bedroom: bunk beds for four (4)

East bedroom: bunk beds for four (4)


East bedroom: one (1) queen bed

West bedroom: two (2) twin beds


Absolutely no pets allowed at either facility – inside or out.

Please be considerate of guests who may be allergic to animal fur, hair, dander, etc. and make arrangements to have your pet cared for away from the facilities.


Houses are completely furnished including cooking utensils, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, and blankets (no linens are provided). Cleaning supplies are available for use as necessary.

Please bring your own: linens, dishtowels, hand and bath towels, bath mats, paper towels, toilet tissue, bath soap and dishwashing detergent. Complete shopping facilities are available at Mount Airy and Hillsville, approximately nine miles from Fancy Gap.

Obtaining Keys

You may pick up the keys from Facilities & Campus Services office located in the H.S. Moore Building anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You will be required to show your WFU/WFU School of Medicine I.D. A staff or faculty member of the university must be present at all times during the rental period.

Returning Keys

You will be expected to return the keys to our offices no later than the second business day following the last day of your stay (unless otherwise instructed by Facilities & Campus Services). Failure to return the keys in a timely manner may result in additional charges and may be considered cause for denying privileges for future use. Mailing keys through Campus Mail or US Postal Service is not permitted.

Damage to WFU Property

Facilities & Campus Services reserves the right to charge individuals and departments for damage caused by intentional or negligent acts and may consider such acts cause for denying privileges for future use. The facilities must be cleaned, and all trash removed at the end of your stay.

Confirm Reservation

In accordance with the rental policy, please call to confirm or cancel your reservation at least ten (10) days in advance. If you are unable to go for any reason, and do not cancel in the specified timeframe, you may be responsible for the full fee. If you chose to rent at a time when inclement weather causes you to decide not to go, you are still responsible for the fee.