Reynolda Gardens

The historic Reynolda Village lies between Reynolda Gardens and campus and offers a variety of restaurants, shops and professional office space. Originally built in the early 1900s by the R. J. Reynolds family as a model working farm, the buildings included the iconic dairy barn with silo, a post office. Although once part of a much larger estate, Reynolda Village now covers approximately 12 acres with just over 5 acres of turf, and bit more than an acre of natural areas and 3 acres of parking.

The Reynolda Village Landscape Team provides complete landscape maintenance of the estate with the exception of large tree care. Sustainable and best management practices help to ensure a beautiful landscape. The team also assists with special events and a weekly farmer’s market held in season.

In order to maintain year-round color, annual flower beds are changed twice annually. Seasonal perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns, groundcovers, flowering shrubs and bulbs are planted to create inviting and beautiful gardens. Efforts are made to use plant species that were originally used on the site. Since, many of these species are now known to be invasive and others are not readily available, plant selection is challenging. As much as the historic plant list will allow, emphasis is placed on using native species to promote and preserve diverse native fauna.

The Village is home to one of the state’s largest Sassafras trees and boasts a huge Bald Cypress beside Reynolda Road. Heavy displays of tulips are planted each year for the enjoyment of the hundreds of visitors who come.