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Locks & Keys

Key Request

Lost, stolen or damaged key? Getting a replacement is easy. Just complete the online Key Request Form and, once your request has been processed, a departmental representative will contact you regarding instructions on picking up your new key.

Need to return a key? Download the key return form here.

Unsure of what you need? Read the Lock and Key Management Policy.

Facilities and Campus Services continues with improvements to the Lock and Key Management Policy and implementation.  Your continued assistance and cooperation is very much needed and appreciated.  This website will be our primary vehicle to disseminate and request information from our campus departments.  Current updates and requests for information include the following:

Lockshop Coordinator and Proxy Verification

By the end of January, all departments need to update their proxy information and designate a departmental coordinator per our policy document. This will be used to update our database and to allow for direct communication with the coordinator for other the sample template linked here can be used to facilitate this.

Amnesty Program

Facilities & Campus Services is offering a key collection program during January with a “no questions asked” commitment to encourage keys in circulation to be reduced through the cleaning out of desk drawers and key rings and by simply dropping them in a designated spot (envelope, box, etc.) provided by the key coordinator.  These keys are to be returned to the Lockshop for reuse or disposal and should not be entered into the inventory. Coordinators may contact Customer Service (336.758.4255) to arrange for pick-up.

Lockshop Inventory

All departments are asked to perform a key inventory within their department during January.  You can use the link to open an inventory form or submit your own format as long as the data is inclusive. The Key Inventory Form is provided here.