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Guest Information

(A Wake Forest University Property)
2573 Elk Spur Rd., Fancy Gap, VA 24328
Phone: (276) 728-3678 

Check-in: 2:00 pm 
Check-out: 11:00 am

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Maintenance /Utilities Services:
(336) 758-4255

Reservations/General Information:
(336) 758-5679 (8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday)

Power Outages – Appalachian Power:

If no answer at the above numbers, please call Junior Rigney at (276) 728-7823.




Main House
Upstairs bedroom: two (2) double beds, plus a sitting room area 
Downstairs bedroom: two (2) double beds 
Back bedroom (behind kitchen): two (2) single beds


Bunk House
West bedroom: bunk beds for four (4)
East bedroom: bunk beds for four (4) 



East bedroom: one (1) queen bed
West bedroom: two (2) twin beds


Houses are completely furnished including cooking utensils, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, and blankets (no linens are provided). Cleaning supplies are available for use as necessary. 

Please bring your own: linens, dishtowels, hand and bath towels, bath mats, paper towels, toilet tissue, bath soap and dishwashing detergent. Complete shopping facilities are available at Mount Airy and Hillsville, approximately nine miles from Fancy Gap.



Lodge and Bunkhouse
The main circuit breaker panels are in the closet of the bedroom located behind the kitchen. Only the water heater breakers are normally OFF. Turn ON for hot water. There is also a sub-panel in the master bedroom closet. The Bunkhouse heat, lights, etc., are fed from a breaker panel in the large walk-in closet in the right hand (East) end of the Bunkhouse.

Main breaker is located on the porch to the left facing the front door. Then turn on sub-breakers in the closet across from the west full bath.

Turn water heater breakers off before you leave


Supply may be limited at times, so please be conservative by avoiding unnecessary use. Well house is located behind the Cottage.

Instructions for Turning on Water Supply at Facilities: Go inside the Pump House behind the Cottage, you will find a diagram on the wall showing the location of the various valves. The valves are tagged: Big House & Little House. Open the valve to the facility you are occupying.  

Turn water valve off before you leave


University service personnel perform general custodial and maintenance services periodically, but all guests should plan to provide their own daily cooking and service requirements since staffing the houses is not feasible. All guests are expected to clean the Lodge/Cottage at the end of their stay and leave the facility in good order for the next guests.

The facilities are checked following each occupancy. Facilities & Campus Services reserves the right to charge individuals and/or departments for damage caused by intentional or negligent acts and may consider such acts cause for denying privileges for future use.

All trash cans must be emptied and the trash removed from the site.

Start your fire with kindling and maintain a lively blaze until the chimney flue is well warmed. Be sure to open the damper.  A supply of dry wood should be in the wood box on the screened porch. Please be sure to refill it before you leave. Put screens in place at night and whenever leaving the house temporarily. 

Ashes from the fireplace(s)/grill(s) should be dampened and dumped in

 The RED FIRE BARRELS provided outside each house.

ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES (other than in one of the fireplaces) may be built at either facility. No fires are to be built outside on the rocks or on the landscape surrounding the houses. 


No pets are allowed at either facility – inside or out.

Returning Keys

Keys and Completed Check lists (Arrival and Departure) must be returned to the Facilities & Campus Services office within two business days following the last day of a stay (unless otherwise instructed by Facilities & Campus Services). Failure to return the keys in a timely manner may result in additional charges.   


Out and About

Since the University’s primary objective in maintaining the Fancy Gap Lodge and Cottage is to provide University/Bowman Gray employees with facilities for leisure and recreation, we felt it would be appropriate to provide information concerning points of interest and recreation facilities in the area.

Virginia Historical Landmarks

Carroll County Courthouse
The Courthouse is the scene of the Hillsville Courtroom Tragedy of 1912. Located on U.S. 52, Main Street, Hillsville. 

J. Sidna Allen Home 
The eight room Queen Anne style home, with unique architecture and detailed features, was built by a principal figure in the Hillsville Courtroom Tragedy. The house is open Saturdays and Sundays. There is a small admission charge. Located on U.S. 52 South at Fancy Gap.

Historic Stone Church (Dinwiddle Presbyterian Church) 
One of five native stone churches built by Presbyterian Minister, Robert Childress and featured in Richard David’s book &Mac179;The Man Who Moved A Mountain.¾ Located five miles from Hillsville. Take Route 100, right SR#783, go 3/4 miles, right on SR#752.

Local Attractions & Recreation

North Carolina Granite Corporation  
Located on N.C. 103, 2 miles east of Mount Airy, it is the largest open-face granite quarry in the world. Tour groups may call (910) 786-5141 for details. 

Harmon’s Museum 
Featuring relics from four wars, Indian artifacts, pioneer tools, and an exhibit of the 1912 Courthouse Tragedy. Open daily (except Sunday), 9 AM to 6 PM. Admission is free. Located on 58 West at Woodlawn. Telephone number is (540) 236-4884.

Mabry Mill 
Features demonstrations of making sorghum and apple butter, and grinding corn and buckwheat. The mill emphasizes pioneer culture of the Blue Ridge Highlands.