Response Times

Listed below are the estimated timetables for responses to requests submitted to the maintenance department. Please bear in mind that these are merely response estimates. Service times and personnel availability will vary based on the number of open requests and the depth of work required. We will make every effort to process your request as soon as possible.

  • Constitutes an immediate risk to environment, equipment or systems

  • Increased damage if not handled immediately

  • Stops business completely

  • There are no other means of completing task or objective for critical business process

1 Day2 Days
  • If not addressed, may bring about an Emergency priority status or the potential for system failure
  • Customer cannot perform his or her daily job duties

2 Days5 Days
  • Loss of use but alternatives are available
  • No loss of daily job duties

14 Days30 Days
  • Convenience to customer

30 Days60 Days
  • Specific date is set to start or complete work
Set DateWithin 5 days of Scheduled Date