Commencement 2019

Our team seems to always be busy, but this time of year is by far the most intense. Commencement is the culmination of our efforts into one great display of beauty and functionality, from the gorgeous garden beds around campus to the maintenance teams whizzing around to make sure everything works perfectly for our thousands of guests.


Our department is well known for erecting some incredible structures for academic, athletic, and administrative uses alike, but the group that is so often overlooked is our construction team that performs duties around campus that help the community get around and stay safe.  Some projects we complete before commencement include paving the roadways, replacing bricks in the sidewalks, building outdoor spaces like the Outdoor Classroom, and more.


After the Commencement festivities, our Department comes into work early to pick up all the chairs and trash left behind in record time.  We even made a time lapse video spanning only an hour and a half to show you the scope of that busy morning.


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