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The Space Utilization Study project has been completed.  Thank you to all those who participated and contributed time to the analysis.  The University Space Planning Group has received the final Space Utilization Study report from SmithGroup, and will oversee next steps.

Campus Update

August 19, 2022

Smithgroup submitted a final Space Utilization Study report to WFU at the end of July.  Since then, President Wente announced the formation of the University Space Planning Group (USPG).  This group, co-chaired by Provost Michele Gillespie and Executive Vice President Hof Milam, will oversee review of the report and communication of findings.

The USPG will launch its own website soon, and the work that began with the Space Utilization Study will transition into actionable directives within the University.  Thank you to SmithGroup for guiding WFU through this process, and thank you to everyone who participated in discovery sessions, surveys, project updates, and the many thoughtful exchanges that took place throughout the analysis.

We look forward to the next phase!


Steering Committee Workshop:  The ‘Explore’ phase culminated with a virtual workshop where scenarios and recommendations were examined and evaluated via Mural Board, to arrive at final reactions around site planning and campus development.  This information will inform SmithGroup’s final deliverable, under development now in the ‘Realize’ phase of the project.

Space Utilization Study Final Report:  WFU is forming a team to receive SmithGroup’s findings at the end of June.  This team will then create a plan for sharing the results with the campus community.  The timeline is to be determined.

President Wente’s Invitation to Participate

President Wente’s SmithGroup Announcement