Space Utilization Study

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The Space Utilization Study Campus Survey has closed.  Thank you for your participation!

Survey results will take several days to compile, and we will post the results here once they’re available.

Winners of the exclusive reserved parking and free dining have been notified!

Campus Update

June 13, 2022

The Steering Committee met in May to workshop various scenarios and options that address final space needs for WFU.  The team worked through a Mural Board that generated fruitful conversations around site planning and campus development.

The project is now in the final ‘Realize’ phase of the Space Utilization Study where SmithGroup will compile their findings and share them with WFU.  The process will culminate in digital Tableau files, report documents, and tools that include all the elements of WFU’s space needs profile.  We are expecting a final report by the end of June that will cover all that has been learned in the analysis and the resultant recommendations.

A team will be formed to receive this report and share it with the university community.  We hope to have more information soon!


Steering Committee Workshop:  The ‘Explore’ phase culminated with a virtual workshop where scenarios and recommendations were examined and evaluated via Mural Board, to arrive at final reactions around site planning and campus development.  This information will inform SmithGroup’s final deliverable, under development now in the ‘Realize’ phase of the project.

Space Utilization Study Final Report:  WFU is forming a team to receive SmithGroup’s findings at the end of June.  This team will then create a plan for sharing the results with the campus community.  The timeline is to be determined.

President Wente’s Invitation to Participate

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