F&CS Elect

Facilities & Campus Services is dedicated to recognizing those who demonstrate our values in their daily work; especially, those who go “above and beyond.”

We are launching a new employee recognition program called F&CS- elect. The program will be based on an employee’s demonstration of one or more of the five Values in Action:


An employee demonstrates competence and creativity that results in cost savings and/or improved processes.


An employee steps up to take the lead. He/She keeps a cool head while handling difficult situations.

Ethical Behavior

An employee demonstrates a commitment to an environment of empathy and compassion within the F&CS culture, displaying trustworthiness and integrity.

Customer Focus

An employee demonstrates a commitment to positive customer experiences, exceeding customer expectations.


An employee demonstrates a commitment to the workforce. He/she makes valuable contributions to the team and builds strong relationships among peers. He/She takes the initiative to pitch in without being asked.

Visit our Information page for more details on how this program works.

Nominate a F&CS Employee

If you have a story about a F&CS employee doing something awesome, which you think demonstrates one of the five Values in Action, tell us about it. It’s that easy!