F&CS Elect Information

How it Works


If you have a story about a F&CS employee doing something awesome, which you think demonstrates one of the five Values in Action, tell us about it. It’s that easy!


An Evaluation Committee reads the story and decides in which of the five categories the nomination fits: Efficiency, Leadership, Ethical Behavior, Customer Focus, Teamwork/Workforce. Each committee member will rate the story electronically on a scale from 1 to 5. The culmination of points determines the amount of the reward.


There are multiple levels of prizes that can be awarded. Each reward is predetermined to be valued at a certain number of points.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will awards be given?

  • Anytime someone submits a nomination, it will be considered for an award at that time.

Can someone outside F&CS submit a nomination?

  • Absolutely.

Who will make up the Evaluation Committee?

  • The committee will consist of a diverse, neutral group of our campus community partners.

Will the STARs program still exist?

  • The F&CS-elect program replaces the STARs program.