Chilled Water Meters

Metering and measuring energy consumption at the building level is an important part of any energy management process.  The BPI2 program has metering goals of metering all utilities at the building level for Electricity, Water, Chilled Water, and Steam.  These building usage totals are compared to the Campus Total meters and a “percent metered” is calculated for each utility.  Building level metering also allows the BPI2 team to monitor energy conservation results at a building level and identify high usage buildings to better focus efforts.

Chilled Water metering has shown significant improvement over the past year. We are currently metering at a building live over 90% of all cooling tons produced for our campus chilled water plants.  The Utilities Maintenance Team is currently maintaining 50 chilled water meters to achieve this. The table below shows the progress of our chilled water metering across campus.

FY17 FY18 FY19
Chilled Water 49% 61% 94%

Below is a screenshot of what the chilled water meter system in Maya Angelou looks like from our management software.  With this technology, the Utilities Maintenance Team can troubleshoot issues and workshop efficiency from their desks before heading out into the field.

graphic of the chilled water system within a building

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