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Facilities staff work on the Outdoor Classroom's Construction

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BPI2 Covid Response

The campus sidewalks no longer fill with footsteps and the buildings no longer echo with chatter.  COVID-19 has forced us to teach, learn, and work from home.  The BPI2 team has taken this ...

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BPII Analytics

BPI² Analytics has given our team a real look at how utilities in our buildings affect occupants’ experiences every single day. Our analytics initiative started with 10 key buildings where ...

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Annual Arrangements

Every year, we look forward to sharing our love of floral arrangements with our fellow staff and faculty.  This year, we held our annual arrangements class at the Barn at Reynolda Village, ...

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Chilled Water Meters

Metering and measuring energy consumption at the building level is an important part of any energy management process.  The BPI2 program has metering goals of metering all utilities at the ...

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Asset Essentials

poster advertising the october 1st launch of asset essentials

A new work order software upgrade from Dude Solutions has launched in Facilities & Campus Services! The big upgrade is called Asset Essentials, and will offer more custom solutions for ...

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