Archibus is a robust tool combining floor plan information from our drawing archives with room data attribute fields. Data is available in floor-plan-view along with tables, charts and graphs of nearly any format and style. Made available to departmental staff in 2009, Archibus is accessed with a Facilities & Campus Services issued login and password. Requests to access this system should route through your department head and be directed to Sean Brittain.

If you have a need, but don’t necessarily desire to link directly to Archibus, our staff is ready to assist with nearly any request. Contact Us with your question or comment and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Examples of Archibus Questions

  • Which classrooms are ADA accessible?
  • How many square feet are in my room?
  • Which rooms have audio/video projection?
  • What percentage of campus is classroom, office, laboratory, etc.?

Archibus Web Central

Archibus is used as Wake Forest University’s Central Space Management System.