The Deacs donate program is an essential part of the student move-out process and helps us meet our waste diversion goals. Deacs Donate is a partnership with Goodwill that allows WFU to divert waste from the landfill while giving back to the community. In the past five years the Deacs Donate program has collected over 90 tons of Goodwill donations.

Contact Sophie Wimberley ( with any questions.


  • What should I do with trash?

    The indoor waste receptacles will be blocked off during student move-out. Please place all trash in the large roll-off dumpsters that are located outside of your residence hall during move-out.

  • What should I do with recycling?

    Please dispose of recyclables before May 6th.  All indoor residence hall trash and recycling receptacles will be blocked off on May 6th. Please contact Sophie Wimberley (  if you are interested in a recycling tote to collect other recyclables during move-out.

  • What should I do with donations?

    Small donations should be placed in blue roll-off bins. The bins will be available in all residence halls. They will be located on the first floor in the lobby or at the front entrance of the building. Large/Bulky donations like furniture should be placed outside of residence halls. Follow signs that direct you where to place them. These donations will be given to Goodwill and other non-profit organizations.

  • Accepted Donation Items

    Small Donations (Place inside bins)

    • Clothing
    • Shoes
    • Small Furniture
    • Linens
    • Accessories like purses and belts
    • Jewelry
    • Small appliances like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers
    • Household goods like pots, dishes, and home décor

    Larger furniture items (place near large-item yard signs)

    • tables
    • couches
    • chairs
    • shelves
    • book cases
  • Set accordion block title here…
    • Mattress toppers/pads
    • Pillows
    • Broken/Damaged household items and furniture
    • Trash
  • What should I do with unwanted bikes?

    Give unwanted bikes to the Outdoor Pursuits program. Outdoor Pursuits is accepting bike donations for their ReCycle Bike Share Program. Contact Peter Berry for further info,

  • What should I do with unwanted books?

    Take all unwanted books to the campus bookstore. They will be donated to Better World books.

  • What should I do with textile waste that can’t be donated?

    Green Zone bins are open for student, staff, faculty, and community use year round.  There are 4 collection stations located across campus in convenient locations.  The bins can be found in the Benson Mail Room, Polo Residence Hall, North Campus Dining, and Luter Residence Hall.

    For more information about this project and process, reach out to Sophie Wimberley (

  • What should I do with my green to-go box?

    Please return unwanted to-go boxes to the Pit or North Pit for a $5 refund.

  • What should I do with my recycling tote?

    Students are encouraged to keep their recycling totes all four years. If the recycling tote is no longer needed please drop it off in the Sustainability office in Reynolda hall #101. Students will not receive an additional recycling tote.

  • What should I do with food donations?

    Food donations should be placed in small black and yellow food donations bins. The bins will be located inside of residence halls next to small item donations bins.

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