All activities which require digging on any of the properties owned and maintained by Wake Forest University requires the application for and issuance of a WFU Digging Certificate. This process is required to:

(1) Avoid damage to the vast underground infrastructure of Wake Forest University as well as University owned properties.
(2) Inform appropriate personnel of digging in areas where they have a vested interest.

All signatures including Final Approval are required prior to proceeding.

Important Notes:

  • Please allow 2 weeks from request date for processing, signature completion and approvals. Once final approval has been granted, you will receive notification to proceed.
  • Person requesting the Digging Certificate must be a WFU Employee.
  • If a North Carolina One-Call locate is required, their 72 hour (3 working days) response time begins on midnight of the day that they were called. It is the responsibility of the requester to contact NC One-Call.
  • It is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain ALL required signatures marked on your request.
  • Returned completed form to Administrative Assistant desk in Planning and Construction Department in Facilities & Campus Services.
  • We understand that emergencies occur. If you have an emergency situation that requires digging, please contact the Facilities & Campus Services Space Management department directly.

Information needed for Dig Certificate Request:
1. Work Order #
2. Estimated start date
3. Estimated start time
4. Project Parameters
5. Project Location
6. Department/Division
7. Contractor/Vendor/Excavating Crew