Dig Permit Request

Need a Dig Permit?

In addition to the space and room archives this department oversees campus site utility mapping and issues Digging Permits. All activities which require digging (disturbing soil below the surface) on any properties owned and maintained by WFU require the application for an issuance of a WFU digging certificate.


Alternate Signature Contact List

Primary Contact Phone Number Alternate Contact Phone Number
Tim Ward 336-758-3907 Sean Brittain 336-758-3094
Michelle Adkins 336-758-5385 Steve Fisenne 336-758-3089
Jimmy Nifong 336-758-3332 Phil Atkins 336-758-3488
Phil Atkins 336-758-3488 Jimmy Nifong 336-758-3332
Jim Coffey 336-758-6070 Paul Sheff 336-758-6071
John Kiger 336-758-3483 Michelle Hawks 336-758-5593
Ann Mertes 336-758-5209 Jim Coffey 336-758-6070
Marty McGowan 336-758-1939 Brent Babb 336-758-2436
Chris Stilley 336-758-4509 Chris Williams 336-758-4224
Chris Williams 336-758-4224 Chris Stilley 336-758-4509
Frank Shelton 336-758-5185 Wesley Todd 336-758-7656
Hope Jordan 336-758-7161 Ken Basch 336-758-5584
Brad Alderman 336-462-7118 Billy Dobson 336-758-2433
Dennis Shore 336-462-5772 Gary Johnson 336-462-5840
Jason Woody 336-758-2440
Keith Callahan 336-758-4074 Chris Poe 336-758-6235