The Reynolda Village Team is responsible for all aspects of landscape maintenance at historic Reynolda Village. The team of two full-time employees and one seasonal employee has more than enough work to keep them busy. The Village grounds consist of a little over five acres of maintained turf, one plus acres of maintained woodland, three acres of parking and about 5000 linear feet of driveways and streets. In all, the property totals approximately twelve acres.

With the variety of businesses, restaurants and retail shops located in the Village, there’s never a downtime. Keeping driveways and walkways clear, lawns neatly maintained, and ornamental beds looking their best is always a challenge. In addition, there are over 60 containers and 22 flower beds to plant and maintain.

Beautiful annual and perennial color displays are a source of pride for the groundskeepers, and they never disappoint. Beds and containers are changed out twice per year with summer and winter annual plantings. Containers located at restaurants are complemented with culinary herbs and vegetables. A very popular addition to the Village is the 5000 or so tulip bulbs that are planted each year. A wide variety of bulbs is planted extending the blooming season as long as possible. This ensures that visitors can enjoy the colorful blooms visit after visit. A number of perennial flower beds rounds out the color show and provides nectar and pollen for bees and butterflies.