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  Due to construction at the 30th Street warehouse facility, Friday shopping hours may be occasionally cancelled over the next several weeks. Before planning a Friday trip to Surplus, please contact Alan Winkler at 336-251-8635, 336-758-4071 or winkleja@wfu.edu on Thursday to confirm availability.

Thanks to YOU the WFU Surplus Program is a huge success!

So far, during the 2011-12 School Year, use of the Surplus Program has resulted in:

Over 1000 individual items having been repurposed and reused within WFU Departments.

Over 1700 individual items having been gifted to local charitable organizations or otherwise moved into the community to continue their useful life.

• Additionally, metal items with no further re-usefulness totaling over 11.5 TONS have been recycled through the WFU Surplus Program!

That’s over 106 TONS of merchandise that has been repaired, recycled, re-purposed and re-used in order to be diverted from the landfill!

The WFU Surplus Property Program collects, processes and redistributes university property which is no longer needed by a department. Our primary goal is to maximize reuse of property by collecting property no longer needed by a department and offering that property to other university organizations. For property which Wake Forest has no further reuse opportunities, Surplus will make every effort to offer that property to charitable/non-profit organizations or sell the property to an organization which can reuse that property. It is our intent to minimize the quantity of WFU property that ends up in a landfill.

To accomplish that, we offer the following surplus property services:

  • Collection of surplus furniture (desks, chairs, tables, etc.) and equipment (laboratory equipment, etc.)
  • Delivery of surplus to departments upon request
  • Technotrash recycling

Note: Do not throw broken property in the trash! Have Surplus Property pick it up instead.

Contact Information
Location 27 W. 30th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Faculty & Staff Shopping Hours       10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Every Friday or by Special Appointment*    

 *If your schedule will not permit you to visit on shopping day, Alan Winkler will be happy to schedule a special appointment for you to visit the warehouse.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ section or read the Surplus Guidelines 

Please remember:

    • Surplus property is only available for reuse to WFU Departments.
    • Individuals are not allowed to purchase or otherwise receive surplus merchandise for personal use.

Unsure if an item should be turned over to surplus? Contact Alan Winkler

Things to know before planning your visit to Surplus

Surplus Fees:
Surplus materials are provided for use at no cost. There is a $40 fee per Service Request for the delivery of surplus items. There is no charge at all for a Surplus Pick-Up.

Measure your space:
Items stored in a large warehouse facility can appear smaller than they actually are. By measuring your available space, you are sure to select items that will fit properly. This will eliminate the need to have an item returned to surplus.

Please plan to pick out your merchandise in-person:
Everyone has their own personal tastes and needs. Please plan to visit the warehouse for a first-hand look at our merchandise. We are unable to select items for you.

WFU Faculty and Staff only:
Surplus is made available for use by any Faculty or Staff Member at WFU. Items are available ONLY for WFU Departmental use.

Surplus cannot be utilized by individuals for personal use.

Surplus Merchandise is USED MERCHANDISE:
Be aware… Items in surplus have typically been well-used by someone else. We try to keep attractive pieces in stock, but some items do have scratches, dents and/or other signs of wear. Every effort is made to make sure that items obtained from Surplus are fully functional and in acceptable repair.

Take what you need, but please NEED what you take:
Surplus inventory is limited. It is our goal to help departments fill their furniture and equipment needs. Please, take only items that you have a true need for and can use.

Before you transfer items to surplus

Sending refrigerated equipment to Surplus Property: Surplus Property accepts working refrigerated equipment (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) for re-use. Broken or non-working refrigerated equipment is not accepted. If you have broken/non-working refrigerated equipment, please submit a Service Request to have any contaminants removed and the item disposed of properly.

Fixed Assets: If you are seeking to surplus a fixed asset item, please complete the Fixed Asset Update Form and send to Procurement Services.

Equipment purchased with grant funds: If you are seeking to surplus equipment purchased with grant funds which may still be valued over $5000, please contact Financial & Accouting Services to find out how to appropriately surplus your item.

Items not accepted: Office Supplies, Paper Products, Light Bulbs, Vehicles

Items requiring Authorization: Technology Equipment, Hazardous Waste (pdf), Fixed AssetsBroken Refrigerated Equipment

Keep in Mind:
WFU employees are prohibited from disposing, giving away, donating, or selling university-owned property. Employees and departments can contact Surplus and/or reference the Surplus Property Standard Operating Procedure for contact information regarding disposal of items that are no longer needed by a department. These procedures have been established as guidelines for employees to find the proper channels for disposing of, recycling, or re-using WFU property. The Surplus Property Standard Operating Procedure is subject to change and does not comprehensively incorporate all requirements of the university.